What Function Does a Pastry Display Case Serve?

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Using a pastry display case in your kitchen can help you display your delicious baked goods in a way that makes them look as good as they taste. When you decide to get one of these cabinets by case manufacturers, you need to understand what they do and how they can help you make the best of your products. These cases come in different designs and are either non-refrigerated or refrigerated. In addition, you will have to choose whether you want a curved glass front or a straight one. These cabinets may also require fans to help circulate the cold air needed to keep your baked goods fresh.

Curved or Straight Glass Fronts

Choosing the right bakery display case for your business can be challenging. Before you purchase, you need to consider the unit’s shape, size, and functionality. Finding a case that fits into your establishment’s interior design. You may also need to consider accessories. These accessories can increase the effectiveness of your display and make your products easier to find.

There are two main types of bakery display cases. One uses straight glass, and the other uses curved glass. Each style has its benefits and disadvantages.

Straight glass cases are generally cheaper than curved glass models. They also have a more traditional look. However, the straight-glass style could be better suited for restaurants. The curved glass display case has more viewing space and a distinctive point of view. It can also help minimize glare and reflections.

Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated

Choosing the right type of display case for your bakery is important. This will help you increase your sales. There are some options to choose from.

There are two types of refrigeration: forced air and gravity coil. While they are similar, the type of refrigeration you choose depends on the purpose of your display case. Forced air cases use fans to circulate cold air. This can dry out products if left inside for too long. On the other hand, gravity coil cases use a refrigeration coil at the top of the cabinet.

You’ll also need to consider your floor space. The size of your display case will depend on how much food you plan to display. You can also use custom lighting to enhance your presentation.

Pastry Display Case


A pastry display case can be a great addition to your merchandising strategy regardless of your business type. It allows you to display your most popular menu items visually appealingly while keeping your products fresh, crisp, and free from dust.

A countertop bakery display case is a great choice if you want a display case that will fit into any space. It has various features, including an adjustable shelving system, which will help you create the best display for your products. You can also choose a countertop bakery display cooler to save space.

A pastry display case is ideal for food service venues, such as convenience stores, bakeries, and cafes. This is due to its ability to hold various sizes of goodies, including cakes and other desserts. It also features drawers and lift-off lids to make storage easy.

Requires Fans to Circulate Cold Air

Using fans to circulate the air in your home is something to be considered. Fans can help dislodge hot air and keep cool air from migrating to the floor. The best fans are powerful enough to move large quantities of air simultaneously. The best ones will also help you sleep better at night. You can find fans of all sizes and types at home improvement stores and online retailers. Several companies specialize in home ventilation systems, and they can help you install a system that’s right for your home. A well-chosen fan can help you enjoy your home for years to come. The right fan can also help keep your family safe from pests.

Countertop or Cabinet Design

Whether you run a bakery or a cafe, you need a pastry display case that is aesthetically pleasing as well as hygienic. A pastry display case will allow you to showcase your favorite baked goods and increase your impulse buys. In addition, these cases are also great for promotional events.

Pastry display cases are often made from clear acrylic panels with hinged doors and lift-off lids. In addition, these cases can be customized with decorative flowers, ribbons, or trinkets. These showcases also come with trays to separate the food items inside. The clear acrylic material ensures a pristine presentation of your baked goods.

Countertop pastry display cases are perfect for cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. They are also great for catered events. They also make it easier for customers to serve themselves.